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Casablanca has finally her own 3D giant letters!

The 26 May 2017

Casablanca has finally her own 3D giant letters!

You’ve always wanted to take a picture with the WECASABLANCA sign? Go visit the emblematic site Place Mohamed V, a massive attraction was made for you!


More than a slogan, WECASABLANCA became the banner that supports the city’s 2015-2020 strategy centered on the living conditions of urban residents, mobility, economic attractiveness and the business climate. In order to develop and maintain the notoriety of this approach, the iconic expression was recently translated in a 3D interactive structure, in the form of giant letters on one of the most emblematic spots of the city.

WECASABLANCA, reflector of the city and its citizens!

More than a simple set of letters, a philosophy … Casablanca is a little bit like you, it’s a very “human” city: one cannot get to know you simply by looking at you, one does not need to spend much time with you to claim that they understand you. Indeed, the attraction was put in place to engage with the bystanders who can see themselves through its retrospective facets, and find themselves in there, in a certain way.At more than 20 metres wide, the slogan completely blends in the landscape. A symbolic way to engage the city’s inhabitants in their own living space, their metropolis Casablanca.The lighting at the different times of the day give to the sculpture a constantly changing aspect. There is nothing more pleasant than admiring proudly the iconic slogan by day and by night, reminding us that we are in Casablanca the cosmopolitan, Casablanca the plural!

Share your best pics!

If you too can’t wait to discover the attraction, don’t forget to take a picture with #wecasablanca and share it with the other WECASABLANCA fans. After all, we are CasaWe, we are all Casablanca, WeCasablanca!