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The 6 June 2018


Business destination, Casablanca is also known as a shopping spot on the continental map. And the investments the city has been hosting for several decades - from the Twin Center to the Morocco Mall, through the various shopping areas scattered in the beautiful districts, the main thoroughfares, the business districts or in the malls - help to anchor this reputation in the the minds of visitors from around the world in general, and Africa in particular. In addition to the international offer, regional and national know-how in terms of leather goods, textiles, industrial and manufacturing production is added. Casablanca Events et Animation, conscious of this asset, displays its will to promote this essential characteristic of the identity of the city.

Through the Casablanca Shopping Guide, it’s the thousand and one faces of shopping made in Casablanca that are highlighted. This first guide, which is due to be released at the end of February, reveals all the diversity of the shopping offer: from the international franchises to small addresses appreciated for their original objects, from authentic boutiques, shopping centers ... Casablanca is a mosaic of districts, all different, with marked identities, and this guide was made in order to make you discover the Casablanca’s fashion according to them. For each one, a look, good plans, a map referencing the main shops... and much more. Throughout the pages, readers will notice the incredible singularity, the creativity and the abundance of the metropolis. In such a way that they will have no trouble seizing opportunities on the fly, by sometimes finding the last fashionable object, sometimes a finely crafted piece of handicraft.


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