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Casamag is now available online!

The 8 May 2018

Casamag is now available online!

Le nouveau numéro de Casamag est en ligne !



Dear people from Casablanca,

Summer has returned, which means that the good weather is also back, thus, the days are long and entilling in their wake cravings for outings, relaxation, stolls…

During this vacation, take the time to do all the things you have been wishing troughout the year. Wandering the alleys of the Médina, enjoying the Sunset on Ain Diab seasid swiming jn the surrounding beaches, sipping a cup of tea in the Habous, or you just can shop in the several commercial neighbourhoods of the metropolis.

A stroll not to miss, is the Casablanca Street Art track. Casamouja is back with its third wave of 9 new murals that have embelished El hank neighbourhood.

In order to escort you throughout this summertime, as well as to better prepare you for the back-to-school season, Casamag actually thought of parents, putting up together a selection of activities and Leisure centers for their children.

In this magazine issue, you will also be able to discover the secrets of the Round Villa "Villa Ronde", the track of a Morrocan soccer virtuoso, as well as the passion of a Casablancan girl for the white city.

Enjoy your reading !