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The 20 July 2017


CASAMOUJA “urban art wave” is a street art project that proposes to bidaouis an explosion of colors and attempts to embellish their everyday life. A genuine bouquet of shapes and patterns; monumental mural paintings realized by skilled Moroccan artists with a guest of honour who chose to live among us. Street artists who have shared their art with people from Casablanca and who showed that street art in Morocco is not a trend, but a school that grows slowly to find a spot in the international scale.

Opening up culture by bringing art to public areas is one the main goals of CASAMOUJA- Urban Art Wave program. This latter is an integral part of WECASABLANCA’s approach. For the first edition of Casa festival, that took place from the 6th to the 15th of july, CASAMOUJA proposes a second art street wave. Quick reminder, the first CASAMOUJA wave took place last march/april, and enabled many local and international artists express themselves freely on the walls.

Through the street art itinerary that we are about to undertake, you will discover how these blank walls became an expression mean for those kings of graffiti.


COLLECTIF WALL – MOUAKAWAMA: MACHIMA/ ED ONER BASEC “Casablanca, a fresh city that attracts!”

Awarded as the “creative of the year” by Maroc Web Awards, Mehdi Annassi aka Machima is a Digital Artist from Casablanca. 2016 is the year where his career in street art begins. He participated in many festivals like Street Art Caravane, Jidar, Sbagha Bagha and now CASAMOUJA wave 1 & 2.

Native from Casablanca, Ed Oner draws and paints since his childhood. His style is basically a mix between portraits, letters and geometrical forms.

Basec, based in Berrechid has discovered his passion for graffiti on internet. His style is mainly inspired by letters and typography. Ayoub continues to explore new graphic experiences and approaches numerous graphic techniques, by proposing his unique style. This mural painting invites us to dive in a natural atmosphere, far from the urban environment of the neighborhood. We can see a group of young people that get close to Casablanca with curiosity, a nice way to invite the Casawe to reflection and interpretation sharing.


MUR EL HANK: NORMAL – “EL HANK marked forever by the CASA Festival! “

Graphist and illustrator by formation and profession, Abid Ayoub says Normal is a graffiti artist from Agadir. Graduate from Artcom school in 2011, he spends three years in the professional world where he works for private companies before deciding to focus entirely to his passion, between cartoons, street art, calligraphy, and arabo-islamic art. Member of the Moroccan fanzine association “Ligature” for the cultural development.

Through this realization, Normal invites us to contemplate the wall for a moment of serenity and peace. Peace Zen-Attitude and goodwill are the keywords doe this second realization, on the wall of el HANK.


MUR BRAHIM ROUDANI: POZE – “A new Casawe face in the spotlight!”

Yann CHATELIN, aka POZE, painter and urban calligraph, specialized in the realization of huge realizations lives now in Casablanca. This specialist of Arab calligraphy adopts letters in all his work. This new realization caught on the way on the Brahim Roudani boulevard made by Yann Chatelin enlightens the urban environment and brings to the city a touch of color and good mood.

Thanks to this amazing wall realizations, Casablanca can be proud of the very rich street art itinerary. Follow us on these charming routes in order to rediscover the city from a different angle.