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If you enjoy seaside activities, Casablanca and its entire region will provide you with many options. It is up to you to plan your escapade during one or several days and set out to discover the coast, by walking, swimming, playing water sports, and horseback riding at the beach… A hot spot for the people of Casablanca on the weekends, the Corniche is an ideal location to go jogging, to play beach soccer, or even to go horseback riding. To the north of the economic capital, the city of Mohammedia has a yacht club where initiations and group outings are planned. If you have time, take a walk on the private beaches in Dar Bouazza and take in another facet of the Casablanca atmosphere. About 20 kilometers south of Casablanca, the town offers several quality spots. Even further down south on the road to El Jadida, the coast is less densely populated and offers kilometers of wild beaches where the views are breathtaking but where swimming can be dangerous. Drive up to El Jadida to discover the Portuguese town and don’t miss any special moments enjoying fried fish and other specialties from the region.


urban gliss




Casablanca is definitely one of the best “urban” spots to surf the Atlantic Ocean. The historical beach, to the right of Pepsi (renamed Lalla Meriem beach) saw the arrival of the very first surfers from Casablanca in the 1960s. In the heart of the city, it offers a practical alternative to those who are hooked on surfing and can stop by and try to catch the ultimate wave during their lunch break. Less than 3 kilometers away from here, the Ain Diab beach, depending on the seasons, offers a good alternative for proximity surfing. There, you can run into the most emblematic surfers of Casablanca. If you have time, make your way to the Dar Bouazza beach, the coast there offers many quality spots.