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2 July 2019


"The association EAC-L'BOULVART is pleased to invite you to the exhibition ART D'ECHO, a conversation between contemporary art and street art.An exhibition realized in partnership with the ONA Foundation and hosted by the Villa des arts in Casablanca from July 2 to August 25, 2019. Sbagha Bagha introduces this year a new multidisciplinary concept: an exhibition that links street art and contemporary art. This first experience is an opening on contemporary art while keeping the specificity of street art. Its subject is the exploration of Art Deco architecture which is the architectural DNA of the city of Casablanca and which deserves to be celebrated in different ways. For this exhibition, the Spanish artist Antonyo Marest has been working since last November on the artistic heritage of the White City, just as he did previously by performing similar exhibitions in high places of art deco such as Miami and San Francisco. Because Sbagha bagha's primary goal has always been to create encounters between national and international artists, we are taking advantage of this exhibition to offer the opportunity to a Moroccan artist Mehdi Zemouri to make his first exhibition around the same theme. "