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Home Exhibition: "Tiles with history" // "Azulejos con historica"


Exhibition: "Tiles with history" // "Azulejos con historica"

11 December 2019

Exhibition: "Tiles with history" // "Azulejos con historica"

The exhibition presents tiles of Spanish origin which, throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, were used as a decorative element in the facades and interiors of new houses, particularly in northern Morocco. The exhibition presents many original pieces of ceramic tiles, explanatory panels and reconstructions. Some pieces are unique and have been brought together for the first time in this exhibition, the result of in-depth research, localization, identification and documentation that has lasted for several years. The curator of this exhibition, Antonio Reyes, is a professor and doctor at the University of Seville. He gave life, with Amin Bakhti, potter and artist, to this exhibition whose main objective is to present a rich heritage that is part of the historical and cultural identity of Morocco. LOCATION: Cervantes Institute of Casablanca