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Humouraji Casablanca

15 May 2019

Humouraji Casablanca

HUMOURAJI's tremendous tour of EUROPE, SUBSAHARAN AFRICA, has once again left its mark on the heart of all Moroccans with its uninhibited and self-deprecating humor, with its valves that remind us of our childhood memories. and especially that plunge us into this good-natured atmosphere so dear to us all and by his audacity sometimes breaking taboos that sometimes lead us to think ... Attic rooms, sold-out shows, numbers of followers in continuous growth on social networks ... HUMOURAJI is today a BRAND. A communication label on which we can build a territory of expression. With more than forty performances to his credit, HUMOURAJI brings together a panel of talented artists-actors, headliners and young talents with a positive energy, ready to give the best of themselves to satisfy a present audience, listening and looking for new things.