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Jamal Nouman

24 January 2019

Jamal Nouman

Born in Larache in northern Morocco where Hispano-Arabic culture is very present, Jamal Nouman comes from a family of musicians and devoted himself very young to theater, singing and guitar. In the district of Alkasaba, Jamal grew up listening to Spanish radio, including cante jondo and popular classics. In the music of Jamal Nouman, traces of Arab-Andalusian music merge with the expressive variety of malhoun, gnawa, ayta, chaabi and mawal in original compositions of great beauty and sensitivity. The ensemble gives rise to a contemporary music, in which one explores on the one hand new ways, and on the other hand one preserves all that is worth to be always preserved. Training: Jamal Nouman (voice and guitar) Martine Labbe (trumpet and flute) Souhaila Zgaowa (voice) Aya Nouman (voice)