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12 December 2018


EFE-Maroc presents Khedmouni (I was made to walk), an original creation in the 19 th theater darija on the theme of employability of young people, after the success of their first play Allah Islah. All profits will be donated to the EFE-Morocco association.  HISTORY: Azzedine has been unemployed for more than eighteen months. Even if he goes to a recruitment forum, he is convinced that nothing will change. His young widowed mother, his sister "next to the plate" and his future wife who dreams of becoming a minister while staying a housewife are naive enough to believe otherwise. He can not get a job without a piston. In addition, he suspects a plot of some dark forces so he can not find work. Even if he clings to this speech, he realizes that there is urgency because the father's inheritance is dry. Upset, he agrees to take a last step towards the job market, and if nothing works ... he threatens to commit a madness! Even if its small step remains shy, it will nonetheless give rise to unusual encounters, which will trigger new exchanges, which themselves will provoke unimaginable reactions ... all in laughter and derision!  WHO IS 19H THEATER? After years of theater conservatory in Casablanca and hard practice, the 19h Theater troupe was born from the common desire of its members to broaden their horizons. Today the troupe's register ranges from contemporary comedy to classical theater, and adaptation to creation. In addition to their artistic activity, all members of 19h Theater have another professional activity next door.  WHO IS THE EFE-MOROCCO ASSOCIATION? EFE-Maroc is a Moroccan association affiliated to the Education For Employment (EFE) network. Its mission is to alleviate youth unemployment by bridging the gap between the need for know-how and skills of the job market and the skills of young job seekers.