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Morocco Fashion & Tex Casablanca

28 March 2019

Morocco Fashion & Tex Casablanca

Morocco Fashion & Tex - Morocco's international fashion, textile and accessories fair is organized using the experience and international expertise of the Pyramids-Group and welcomes the specialists of the branch in Casablanca. the largest and most important port in Morocco, Casablanca accounts for 80% of the total volume of the country's trade.The import of fabrics in Morocco being non-taxable, the import of textiles is particularly high, which stimulates the export Casablanca is not only the center of commerce and distribution of Morocco, but also the door of North Africa towards Europe .The model of production of Morocco is the import and the Ready-to-Wear Exports Due to the Free Trade Agreement between the United States and Europe, Morocco has developed into a major ready-to-wear supplier Morocco Fashion & Tex offers professional visitors progress Delegations from 32 countries focus on Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, France, Portugal, Spain and Italy. Professional buyers have the opportunity to participate in B2B meetings with exhibitors and industry associations. Casablanca offers, with its affordable accommodation, its Mediterranean climate, beaches and history, a lucrative and enjoyable stay for both visitors and exhibitors. This year Morocco Fashion & Tex will take place in 4 days from Thursday, 28.03.2019 until Sunday, 31.03.2019 in Casablanca already for the fifth time.