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Theater in Spanish for childrens

23 January 2019

Theater in Spanish for childrens

Interpretation of Spanish texts, body language, oral expression and staging in a Spanish theater workshop for young people aged 7 to 14 with director and actor Abdellah Chakiri. The workshop will take place from January 23rd to the end of June 2019, Wednesday from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm with a total of 20 sessions lasting an hour and a half. The objective is to introduce the participants to the basic techniques of theater and prepare a show in Spanish that will be presented at the end of the course. Abdellah Chakiri was born in Casablanca and made his theater debut at the age of 8 in primary school. At the age of 11, he plays in a television series "The Road to Success" of 30 episodes with the troupe Badawi. From 1974 to 1982 he participated in all the pieces made by the same troupe. In 1983 he started his own company. From 1989 to 2018 he plays, writes dialogues and assists director Hassan Ben Jelloun in all his films. He has appeared in several international films and has participated in several Moroccan films as an actor, dialogist and director of actors. He has also worked with Spanish directors and theater companies. Currently he presents the show "Poems of Time" around Federico García Lorca with the company Teatro del Duende.