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Working in Casablanca



Casablanca is the historical economic lung of Morocco, and has also become the largest financial hub in Africa by drawing on its key strengths, namely a good business climate and a stimulating framework for the promotion of investments and wealth creation.


In this constantly growing market, internationally recognized as an emerging African financial hub for its vibrancy and economic dynamism, there are many work opportunities. The presence of large corporates, multinational companies, call centers and a framework that's particularly conducive for self-employment represent many opportunities for a career move or to start a working life.


It is no coincidence that Casablanca is home to a French VIE (international corporate volunteer program) community that is very active and supportive.


Many sectors are hiring in Casablanca, in particular the aerospace industry, the mechanical industry, offshoring, consulting, and software and applications development. You may at any time find out about available job offers, the conditions to access the job market, and employee social contributions.