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A Word from the President



Reveal and illustrate Casablanca's cultural richness throughout the territory is the goal of the Casa Festival, which will be held from July 6th to 15th, 2017. Through this event, the aim is to highlight the positioning of the city as a cultural melting pot, to enrich its cultural and leisure offerings and to federate audiences of all social categories. During ten days of festivities on 3 main stages (El Hank, Place des Nations Unies and AIN SBAA), several national and international artists will perform. Other shows with dance, film projections, children's show, street art ... will meet the Casawe in the different districts of the metropolis.

Great Festival to all of you,
Khalid Safir



The immaterial Moroccan heritage has been forged through the centuries in the openness and respect of universalist values. This precious and priceless heritage must be preserved and passed on to future generations.

Casablanca, is a land of experimentation for a talented youth which operates the Moroccan cultural heritage in all its forms and its history that inspired generations of talent from all artistic disciplines. The dazzling artistic effervescence of the Moroccan scene embodies a mutation boosted by a breath of renewal in which combines all forms of arts and creations, traditional arts, contemporary arts, modern arts ...

We will together, with the Casawe and for them, recreate differently, the Casa Festival by placing them as the main protagonists. An event that will be the pride of our city and its inhabitants and that will make it shine beyond the borders thought the values of the territorial mark « WECASABLANCA »

An artistic line, rooted in the city's DNA, to make it a unique festival, specific to the city of Casablanca and the identity of its citizens.

Citizen of the World
Open lab
Rich of opportunities
Between tradition and modernity
Welcoming and open


From the choice of the logo that was made with the participation of talented national artists and selected through a Facebook contest, to castings organized in order to detect new talents, the Casa Festival is a participatory and open festival.



Discover the new mobile app, the fastest and easiest way to look for top restaurants, shopping, nightlife and entertainment! This app was created to help the citizens and tourists find easily valuable information about their key points of interest. It provides a large array of listed addresses, classified by themes, or alphabetical order. Adding to that, the app provides numerous features such as geo-tracking, GPS technology, opening and closing hours and other useful information, a great mean to make you enjoy the city to the fullest!

Download the program

The time of a festival, vibrate to the sounds and colors of Casablanca! The meeting place for enthusiasts of arts and culture.
From July 6th to 15th, the summer will be artistic during the Casa Festival. Free concerts with top-notch musical programming: French Montana, Gloria Gaynor, Kids United, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Oum, Hoba Hoba, Fnaire, Stati… and unique events combining live arts, street art, film screenings and dance performances.

With the CASA FESTIVAL, the metropolis is pleased to welcome you for a moment of emotion and sharing.

Download the program