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Where the world meets

Casablanca is a little bit like you, it’s a very “human” city: one cannot get to know you simply by looking at you, one does not need to spend much time with you to claim that they understand you. However, that magic feeling can happen in an instant…

It is also a special city that the people of Casablanca and many tourists find simply extraordinary due to its ability to adopt you even faster than you would claim yourself to be a Casaoui *a native of Casablanca.

The territorial brand WECASABLANCA reveals the DNA of this city, known in the most remote areas of the Kingdom as “Al Dar Beida”, as in the white house. This is the true essence of the idea of the encounter, of the state of mind that one is in when one seeks to arouse what is best in others, communicate and commune with them. A multifaceted city with its own identity, shaped throughout history by Moroccans from across the country, as well as by the different international communities that cross paths there.

WECASABLANCA is hence a symbol of the affirmation by this territory, and by all of those whom it adopts, of a positive identity that the people of Casablanca translate as follows: we are all different and proud to coexist.

Casablanca’s attributes

  • Geographical crossroads
  • Coastline
  • Economic driver
  • Active
  • Pioneer
  • Multicultural

Casablanca’s d assets

  • Youth
  • Connection to the world
  • International dimension
  • Vitality
  • Mild weather