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Photo Exhibition

The 5 April 2018

Photo Exhibition

Public art installations are transforming our environment. More than ever, they stimulate and invite dialogue, beyond passive observation. They generate social interactions that generate a sense of cohesion, belonging and pride in the public.

For the first time in Casablanca, an exhibition is presented on the walls of the medina. For one month, the wall of the clock tower is hosting an exhibition of urban photographs allowing the passer-by to rediscover Casablanca through the lens of  Moroccan artists who have immortalized the city since 2016.

Among these photographers, the artistic event will honor 8 recognized professionals (Badr Bouzoubaa, Zakaria Ait Wakrim, Faysal Zaoui, Mehdy Mariouch, Abderrahmane Doukkane, Yassine Toumi, Yassine Alaoui Ismaili AKA Yoriyas) and the 4 winners of the Wecasablanca Photography Contest contest (Chadi Iliass, Abdelhamid Belahmidi, Ichrak Kerroud, Zakaria Bennaoui) launched in December 2017, with the aim of illustrating and showcasing Casablanca.