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In this virtual gallery, you can discover Casablanca from every angle. Day, night, during events or through the lens of talented photographers from Casablanca...

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“The most people have seen the movie Casablanca. In fact, the movie wasn’t filmed in the city. Instead, it was filmed in a Hollywood studio. Casablanca is the largest city of Morocco where people meet, do nothing, exchange, work and display the appearances, cultures and identities.

It’s a city of diverse cultures, as urbanization transforms the environments, Orient and occident, tradition and modernity, community and individuality create moments of contrast. Some of these moments happen every day, others happen only once. Though one photograph, we can possibly see, enjoy, think, don’t understand and care more about a scene that we probably wouldn’t have noticed if it wouldn’t have been captured.

This serie documents these moments of contrast to give a close and personal view of Casablanca street life from the perspective of a Moroccan, who was born, grew up and still lives there.”

Yorias Yassine Alaoui  

INSTAGRAM. Discovering Casablanca through your best photos
It is a Casablanca with minimalist aesthetics that @jb_grenouille draws, focusing on a play of light and a breathtaking graphic beauty. As staggered as his pen, he bewitches us with his fresh and luminous “clichés”, far from the stereotypes of which Casablanca hardly discard.

The "Urban Dreams" by Youssef Lahrichi

"Eleven chapters to tell my story with my adopted city. Eleven face to face with the Casablanca of my dreams. "

“Originally from Fez, Youssef Lahrichi studied engineering in France before settling in Morocco in 2010. After the quiet and traditional city where he grew up and the French capital where he studied, Youssef chose to finally settle down in the sprawling metropolis of Casablanca to pursue a career in consulting and banking.

Upon his arrival, Youssef Lahrichi feels aspired by the agitation of Casablanca and is looking for ways to escape from the frenzy of the city. He then returned to photography, which he had already tried when he was a child alongside his journalist father, and sought to develop a new outlook on the human and the surrounding environment.

In parallel, he started theater and joined the “Troupe du Territoire”. The practice of this latter opened new photographic paths to Youssef Lahrichi. He doesn’t only capture the spot but also takes the bet to create from scratch photographs, photographs from his imagination.”

Excerpt from the catalog "Rêveries urbaines", from the Fondation Alliances

Facebook : @PageYLPhoto

He is a designer, graphic artist, illustrator, watercolor painter but not only. Major of his promotion at Casablanca School of Fine Arts in 2013, Mohammed El Bellaoui AKA "REBEL SPIRIT", chooses graphic design as a field of research, where he approaches various pictorial techniques like cartoon. Always in search of new discoveries, his works as well as his sketches are the perfect reflection of his way of seeing the world and of living his emotions. Because the Internet has become his only media and its permanent gallery, he invites us to discover without delay "GOD SAVE CASABLANCA".

Casablanca Street Art is brightening up our city and it’s not done yet! Enhancing the attractiveness of the metropolis and the well-being of its citizen is part of Casablanca Events & Animation’s main missions. To do so, a rich artistic program has been developed and outreached through the whole city. This latter is spread over the year and includes many realizations of renowned local and international artists including Rebel Spirit, Collectif Placebo, Kalamour as well as a participation in the Sbagha Bagha festival in 2017 with the Association EAC-L’Boulevard.

The SHOP IN CASABLANCA through the camera of the trendy blogger Sophia Benzakour "lacouleurdumoment"

When nostalgia floods back : The mystical stage of Casa Festival, 1st edition

It became a must for our artists! After their concerts at the Casa Festival, they took pictures in front of the giant letters of #WeCasablanca. Photos!