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At any time of the night or day, you can find something to do in Casablanca! There are endless activities to choose from, and you will be spoilt for choice among all the nightlife venues, restaurants, cafés and places to relax. Allow yourself to be guided by your mood of the moment and find something to your taste from the wide array of services available all over the city.


The cultural offering, particularly in terms of music and art holds an important place in the lives of the people of Casablanca, just like leisure. Shopping on the other hand has become a strong magnet to attract new categories of tourists to the city. This is an opportunity that Casablanca has managed to seize by developing world-class shopping malls, able to attract the most prestigious international brands, and by enhancing its local offering of high-quality textiles and leather goods. Not to mention the experience acquired in business tourism, which has objectively contributed to mainstreaming personal services, with the upswing of many sports and wellness activities.

Whether you are passing through or here to stay, and regardless of your budget, you will find on this portal everything you need to organize your stay and enjoy fun-filled and stimulating days, which can extend into the evening and even late at night by going to the movies or to the pubs and nightclubs along the Casablanca Corniche…


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