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An exceptional geographic location and a recognized political stability

On the economic front, Casablanca is the most dynamic city of Morocco. The country is also known for its political stability at the continental and regional levels. At the center of everything, the city is ideally set on the world map, with roots in Africa and eyes focused on Europe, America and the Middle East, which are potential markets for all industrial activities and services.


The leading financial center of Africa and continental hub

In 2016, Casablanca became the leading financial center of Africa. This ranking, assigned by different agencies, confirms the recognition of the significant financing capacity of the economic capital. This area not only concentrates 30% of the banking network, but is also a preferred destination for almost all bank and insurance headquarters. Also, Casablanca Finance City is a genuine hub where investors can find a very attractive framework for the funding of their industrial activities and services.


Very competitive costs and an attractive business climate

Casablanca attracts investment: many national and international companies have chosen to establish their regional headquarters, factories or offices because of the many advantages the city offers. Casablanca strives to promote unfettered economic activity through the simplification of administrative procedures for businesses, an enhanced business law system respecting industrial and intellectual property, as well as the improvement of regulatory transparency. The presence of an efficient and accessible network of subcontractors also generates substantial savings. Not to mention the Casablanca Finance City Label, supported by an attractive package of benefits at the fiscal level, in terms of foreign exchange controls and doing business.


Top-notch industrial, logistics, and transportation infrastructure

Casablanca is an air transport hub, with an ISO 9001 certified airport serving over 100 destinations across the globe. The region is also home to the first port area of the Kingdom, with the three ports of Casablanca, Mohammedia and El Jadida that can accommodate and handle many ships simultaneously. Road transport is also a mature and flourishing sector that takes full advantage of the efficient, top-notch highway infrastructure. The region also has important parks and industrial and logistics areas, as well as hundreds of hectares of real estate and equipped office space, available for immediate use. All these assets stimulate the establishment of production units.


An export-driven platform that is open to the world

Casablanca is a destination of choice to establish a center dedicated to the export of goods, raw materials, products, expertise and services, taking advantage of the Moroccan banking network, the expertise of which extends successfully across the continent through many subsidiaries and affiliates. Casablanca is also a strategic center to carry out successful industrial and commercial activities across the continent. More than two thirds of the Kingdom's trade is concentrated there and many industries position themselves in relation to their geographical proximity to Casablanca. This is especially since the Nouaceur airport makes it possible to take advantage of significantly reduced export costs and gain access to a market of more than 1 billion consumers within less than 8-hour flights, thanks to the 23 preferential agreements and 55 free trade agreements signed by Morocco. In addition, to ensure high, sustainable economic growth that creates wealth, several sectoral plans have been implemented at the national level and primarily concern Casablanca. This is a boon for all local and foreign investments in innovative sectors such as ICT, offshoring, renewable energy, logistics, the automotive industry, aviation and high value-added services, as well as for traditional sectors such as agriculture or fisheries.


A structured ecosystem for investors

For all your investments, you can be supported by the Regional Investment Center of the Casablanca-Settat region. A one-stop shop seeking to speed your business creation procedures, assist you in your search for partnerships, get a special tax status, currency facilities and a simplification of the procedures ... Casablanca Finance City is furthermore the recommended partner to support you in your funding search.


A multilingual and well-trained workforce

With over 20% of the total national research professors, more than 60% of whom are in the fields of science and engineering, Casablanca is a center for innovation and scientific research. It has 10 faculties, 7 great public schools, fifty private colleges, the first institute in Africa dedicated to the construction industry, and an institute dedicated to aviation training. Casablanca is also an important breeding ground for universities and colleges in Europe and North America which educate a part of the elite of Moroccan youth in very diverse fields, from industrial and IT trades and engineering to financial services. All these advantages make the metropolis a destination of choice for investments requiring young, multilingual, qualified and competent human capital to serve the Kingdom's economic ambitions.