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In the African continent, Casablanca is a city of learning which welcomes a large community of students from the entire Kingdom and from French-speaking Africa. The leading higher education center in Morocco, Casablanca is home to public and private institutions: universities, prestigious higher education schools and preparatory classes for French competitive entry exams to the Ecole polytechnique, Centrale, Supélec, HEC, ESSEC, l’Ecole Normale Supérieure, etc.

The diversity of educational programs offered by the Moroccan school system and the arrival of several world-renowned off-campus programs (Centrale-Supelec, Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, Supinfo…) maximize student choices. It is hence possible to study medicine, health engineering, industrial information technology, web and applications development, construction, architecture, design, management, finance, marketing, law… in optimal conditions.

Meeting the needs of globalization, higher education institutions in Morocco have developed exchange programs with universities abroad. Each year, many students attend partner institutions in China, Spain, France, England, Switzerland, the USA, Japan…

Outre une vie d’étudiant particulièrement stimulante, Casablanca s’avère être un excellent laboratoire pour toute une jeunesse venue d’horizons divers. Pour beaucoup, c’est en effet le lieu où ils découvrent l’autonomie et la responsabilité en même temps qu’ils accèdent au savoir et à la formation.

Are you looking for a host institution to pursue your education in Casablanca ? Choose among the public and private institutions below, or visit the site of Moroccan students.