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Living in Casablanca

Welcome to Casablanca, a young, modern city providing all the amenities that make big cities so charming. With its large waterfront, the city enjoys a mild, Mediterranean climate, and is a pleasant place to live in all year long. Upon your arrival at the airport, you will receive confirmation that Casablanca is a cosmopolitan city that wins over hearts from all around the world, reflecting a real diversity and an indispensable social diversity. At any time of night or day, you will notice that the city abounds with an endless, contagious energy, which also fuels innovation in all fields: business, sports, culture, arts, architecture…  




Recognized as an vanguard city in terms of urban planning, Casablanca boasts a significant art deco heritage that the city council, along with associations, have undertaken the task of better showcasing. The good quality road and railway infrastructure connect you to the Kingdom’s major cities in just a few hours.

The city also promotes mobility: in intracity Casablanca, in addition to having a very dense taxi and bus network, the tramway provides a quick and safe way to travel from one end of the city to the other by avoiding traffic jams, and its network covers the working-class neighborhood of Sidi Moumen all the way to the beach in Ain Diab. Moreover, thanks to the recent extension of the serving of Settat-Casa Voyageurs to Casa Port, you will be able to travel directly to and from Casa Port, while enjoying its ideal location in the center of Casablanca. Built as a true multi-service center, it offers all the amenities needed, in addition to inter-modality with other transport modes.


The self-mockery, cheerfulness, and humor of the people of Casablanca grant it a bustle and vibrancy that are intensified by the passion of the Mediterranean spirit. Boosted by the energy of its youth, Casablanca vibrates to the rhythm of the young, ambitious, enterprising people, who stand out by their attachment to modernity. Along with the other generations, they are active participants in the city's evolution. The reluctance of conservatives has little impact on the forward march. A young, passionate, active and globalized population, for which tradition and modernity intermingle and intertwine to produce a force, a catalyst for the development of the city and society.

The cost of living, which is much lower than in major European and North American cities, is also a considerable advantage to attract an increasing number of tourists and residents each year.

Are you inclined to make the leap? In this section, you will find tips on settling, studying, working, fulfilling administrative requirements, moving around and offering your assistance to an association.


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