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A city that is conducive to the development of good ideas, Casablanca places great emphasis on industrial projects. Over the years, its industrial activity has become more dense and diverse. Traditionally geared towards agriculture, fisheries, agribusiness, electricity, electronics, ICT, textile & leather, chemicals and parachemicals, banking, insurance, distribution, logistics, real estate, health and training, the region has gained new momentum and has undertaken to boost the automotive and aviation industrial sectors. This has paid off since global giants such as Bombardier, Renault and Ford have decided to open major industrial and commercial units in the region. Also the recent signing of the agreement for the creation of a Boeing industrial ecosystem in Morocco attests this dynamic. A project that will allow the Moroccan aviation industry to improve its position significantly on the international stage.


To prepare and support its entry into the global industrial competition, the Casablanca-Settat region was able to create a very advantageous tax and administrative framework, hence becoming more attractive. It is also investing in an ongoing, targeted, thoughtful and sustainable way in a training system to meet the needs of target industrial sectors. Training, which is essential to support employment and investment, has contributed to the attractiveness of this territory on the map of global FDIs.


Aside from industry, the expansion of all kinds of service activities is real, especially in finance and offshoring. It is supported by the creation of parks such as Casablanca Finance CityCasaNearshore and Technopark, where companies find a readily operational environment to launch their business without delay.