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A city worth discovering

There is always something to do in Casablanca. You can set out to discover the breviary of 20th century architectural styles, immerse in the stimulating environment of its green spaces, roam around the footpaths of its Corniche, discover its crafts, enjoy its Mediterranean-infused cuisine... But the people of Casablanca themselves are worth the detour: they contribute to making their metropolis, among all the cities of the Kingdom, a special place thanks to its multifaceted identity, forged by the meshing of many communities that have come from all over Morocco and from around the world.





Digging below the surface to get to know and understand Casablanca means to obtain the confirmation that this city, which has always been a lab, holds many secrets that it tells to those who lend her their ears. It is a city that knows how to preserve its soul, with century-old squares and monuments; but it can also change considerably and surprise you. The people of Casablanca themselves are regularly likely to challenge it, only to better rediscover it when it becomes "green", modernized, when it bursts with joy or when it becomes impatient for not adapting faster to the world's evolution. And funny enough, that is something they enjoy, they enjoy seeing their city, so authentic and changing, evolve to become an even more lively, smarter, most endearing city. Because after all, they very well know that they evolve along with it.

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