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Colère monstre

22 January 2022

Colère monstre

Gommette is angry, a monster anger, she must go to her room to calm down. The little girl finds herself alone with her angry feelings. Fortunately, Cassoulet bear, her favorite cuddly toy, is around. He observes without really understanding why Gommette is struggling with an invisible monster. She hits, screams "NO!", cries and her face is all red. Cassoulet recognizes all the signs of anger and listening only to his courage, he leaps to deliver Gommette from the clutches of this furious emotion. A fierce battle ensues, using a thousand tricks to calm the storm. Finally, Cassoulet and Gommette succeed together in putting an end to this crisis. Once calm is restored, the two friends decide not to stop there. They try to figure out why and how anger attacks Gommette so they can better fight it the next time it comes to them.