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Halloween kills

20 October 2021

Halloween kills

Laurie Strode, her daughter Karen and her granddaughter Allyson have just abandoned the monster with the famous mask, locked in the basement of the house devoured by the flames. Seriously wounded, Laurie is transported in urgency to the Hospital, with the certainty that she has finally got rid of the one who has always harassed her. But Michael Myers manages to get out of the trap where Laurie had locked him up and his ritual blood bath starts again. Overcoming her pain to prepare to face him once again, she will inspire the entire town to follow her lead and rise up to exterminate this indestructible scourge. The three generations of women join forces with a handful of survivors of the first massacre, and take matters into their own hands by forming a militia organized around the hunting and destruction of the monster once and for all. Evil dies tonight. - Mégarama