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Wecasablanca Festival

21 October 2021

Wecasablanca Festival

Wecasablanca Festival is back and is getting ready to make the White City vibrate to the rhythm of a fabulous mix of Moroccan music. From October 21st to 24th, Wecasablanca Festival will take over the brand-new Velodrome Park and invites the people of Casablanca to 4 days of colorful and diverse musical celebrations, carried by beautiful Moroccan voices.

This event, to be experienced in person and live on the social networks of Wecasablanca, will be an opportunity to meet again after a health crisis and restrictions that lasted almost two years. This high point launches the 2021 cultural season and above all marks an anniversary. It was indeed on October 24, 2016 that the territorial brand Wecasablanca was launched, an affirmation of the identity of Casablanca and its inhabitants but also the standard of a strategy of attractiveness and inclusion supported, in particular, by an active promotion of culture and sport in the metropolis.

To celebrate this anniversary as it should be, the program had to be rich and diversified. And it is indeed the case. The artistic line of the festival takes its roots in the DNA of Casablanca to make it an intergenerational event intimately linked to the plural identity of Casablanca. The Velodrome Park will be taken by storm by big stars, essential representatives of the national music, and new voices that ignite the younger generations, blowing a wind of renewal and creativity on the Moroccan art scene. Thus, this festive moment will also be a vibrant tribute to all the talents of Morocco. Transmitted throughout the world via social networks, Wecasablanca Festival will also participate in making them shine internationally.

To make sure you don't miss anything, block your dates from October 21 to 24 and stay tuned to discover a program that has many surprises in store for you.