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WECASABLANCA, c’est la traduction et l’expression d’une ville « à la rencontre des mondes ».

Pour incarner pleinement ce slogan mais aussi pour consolider et développer sa notoriété, un déploiement opérationnel et effectif  a accompagné la marque dès son lancement.

Des événements sportifs, culturels et business sont organisés en associant les acteurs culturels, sportifs et économiques du territoire.

Casamouja’s 5th edition by Wecasablanca

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Casamouja’s 5th edition by Wecasablanca

Casamouja’s 5th edition by Wecasablanca








From November 20 to December 30, 2020

Under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist Him, Casablanca Events and Animation organizes the 5th edition of Casamouja by Wecasablanca from November 20 to December 30, 2020.

This initiative of the local development company Casablanca Events and Animation translates its ambition to democratize art and culture in the public space as well as street embellishment thanks to artists' creativity which every year amaze the local inhabitants and inject new dynamics into Casablanca's neighborhoods.

In 2020, Casablanca Events and Animation organizes a 100% Moroccan edition that will be held in all the Casablanca prefectures under the theme :

"Hope, Citizenship and Pride of Belonging"

-        Hope : In these times of health crisis we would like to to bring a hopeful voice to Casaouis daily lives through inspiring artworks.

-        Citizenship and Pride of Belonging: Morocco's response to the spread of the Coronavirus has been hailed around the world. Under the High Instructions of His Majesty, a strategic plan has been implemented and solidarity initiatives have sprung up throughout the Kingdom. We would like to pay tribute to the local players who participate every day in the fight against this virus.

In addition to the production of mural paintings, Casamouja's program for this edition also offers virtual workshops and a webinar broadcast on the Wecasablanca social networks.

Indeed, the Casamouja school workshops will be open to all and aim to promote the transmission of know-how between artists and street art lovers. Concerning the webinar, organized under the theme "street art in Morocco", it will gather project leaders at the national level to exchange on their respective experiences during the pandemic and best practices to encourage synergies between the various actors.

Casamouja’s project is part of the Wecasablanca attractiveness strategy that emphasis, since its launch, on the cultural component. In 2020, after the Music Festival’s broadcast live in June and concerts celebrating Wecasablanca’s 4th anniversary in October and November, the 5th edition of Casamouja offers Casablanca, by the end of this year, a chance to put on its most beautiful colors.